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 Mobile massage is provided in the comfort of your own home, but is otherwise much the same as in a clinic. The massage table, oils, pillows, towels and music are all provided. Draping follows a strict protocol with respect to privacy and professionalism. The client is also required to complete a client medical history form before the massage commences that will remain confidential. In order to enjoy an effective massage, the room should be big enough for a massage table with space to walk around it and with adequate privacy, ventilation and heating. 


​Pregnancy Massage
​75 min -  $110,  90 min - $120​                     

A full body relaxation massage in a side-lying position using a natural waterbased oil and an essential oil blend designed for each trimester by Nurturelife. This massage aims to promote relaxation and circulation and is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual client.                                                      


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Remedial Massage​
​ 45 min - $70, 60min - $95, 75min - $110, 90 min - $120


This massage targets specific problem areas using a combination of massage  techniques, mobilization and stretching.  Stress, repetitive movements, intensive excercise, postural imbalance,  strains or previous injuries can lead to tension, aches pains and restricted movement in the body. Remedial massage provides relief and helps restore optimal function and movement. A natural based oil is used together with a choice of essential oil blends. 



​Relaxation Massage
60 min - $95, 75 min - $110​, 
90 min - $120

A soothing  relaxation massage using a natural waterbased oil and a choice of essential oil blends. This massage is both relaxing and re-energizing, promoting hormonal balance and improving circulation and general wellbeing. Great for headaches, tired, stiff or aching limbs, stress and fatigue, insomnia or a simple 'pick-me-up'.                                                                                                                More....

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