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 Relaxation massage is a slower paced, rhythmic, flowing massage. Using primarily swedish massage strokes,  the massage calms the body and mind while stimulating and improving circulation and breathing, balancing hormones, warming and relaxing muscles, relieving tension and restoring the body's natural homeostasis.

It is both relaxing and invigorating, releasing  tension and fatigue while restoring energy, calm and focus. Relaxation massage is most effective as a full body 1 hour massage. However shorter massages on specific areas can also acheive great results.

At the beginning of a consultation a health history of the client is taken to enable a good understanding of how the therapist can best help the client. A choice of essential oil blends are provided and used together with a natural base oil of apricot and sunflower. The depth of pressure can be adjusted to suit the clients preferences.


A specific draping protocol is used to maintain privacy, respect and comfort throughout the massage.














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