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Enjoy a relaxing full body therapeutic massage tailored to the ongoing changes and demands of pregnancy. Each trimester places additional physical demands on the body as well as significant emotional and hormonal adjustments. Kate has trained as a pregnancy massage practitioner through Pregnancy Massage Australia. She uses specially adapted techniques to treat the wide range of strains, discomforts and conditions that can arise. Massage is very effective in providing support and relief for these changes and helping to maintain a happy healthy pregnancy and birth. 

Benefits of Pregnancy massage

  • Increases relaxation

  • Relieves tiredness and fatigue

  • Improves sleep patterns

  • Reduces Oedema

  • Improves circulation

  • Aids breathing and digestion

  • Stabilises blood pressure and hormonal changes

  • Eases back, shoulder and neck pain and all joint and muscular conditions common in pregnancy

  • Supports mother baby connection

  • Improves proprioception and flexibiity to support body change 


Conditions such as lower back and hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrom, pelvic girdle instability, pubic symphysis pain, sciatica and more can be eased through pregnancy massage, along with many of the common symptoms of nausea, fatigue, and circulatory, respiratory and digestive problems.


It is recommended to have a full body massage treatment in order for it to be most effective for a pregnant woman and after the 1st trimester is given in a side lying position for maximum comfort while avoiding any potential risk to the mother or baby. Utmost care is taken to ensure adequate draping and cushions are used to provide comfort, warmth and privacy throughout the massage.


The massage oil used is a natural blend of apricot and sunflower oils. The range of essential oils is supplied by Pregnancy Massage Australia and are specially blended to suit each stage of pregnancy. 


In addition to a diploma of Remedial massage, Kate has completed additional training in massage techniques specifically designed for pregnant clients  through Pregnancy Massage Australia and is a qualified practitioner of pregnancy massage. She is trained to be able to identify any potential risk factors with a pregnant client as well as being able to deliver a very safe and effective massage that is highly beneficial for both mother and baby.  


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