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Remedial massage focusses on specific areas of the body that need attention. Pain, tension, stiffness, weakness, headaches, or restricted movement in our bodies can be caused by an endless number of factors and result in depleted energy or limited function. Whether it is through poor posture, a repetitive movement at work, intensive exercise, overexertion, poor sleeping position or restrictive scar tissue from a previous injury, remedial massage can be extremely helpful to release muscles and restore movement, circulation and optimal function. 

At the beginning of a consultation, a health history of the client is taken and a short postural and range of motion assessment is carried out to enable a good understanding of how the therapist can best help the client. 


During the massage treatment a range of techniques are used combining swedish massage strokes with sports and  deep tissue massage, triggerpoint and myofascial release, joint loosening and lengthening and stretching of the muscles. The massage is tailored to suit the clients needs and focusses on a specific area or areas, with the aim of  achieving a desired result. A treatment plan can also be created for problems that require ongoing treatments in order to be most effective on a long term basis. The pace and depth of pressure vary in remedial massage depending on the desired outcome and can be tailored to suit the preferences of the client. 


A natural blend of apricot and sunflower oils are used in the massage together with a choice of essential oil blends.


A specific draping protocol is used to maintain privacy and respect throughout the massage.









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